Nikolai Zykov Theatre preserves and develops the art of puppetry based on the ancient traditions of different countries of the world by using innovative materials and technologies. Nikolai Zykov Theatre offers puppet performances for adults, children and family audience, master-classes for professionals and puppet lovers. All performances of Nikolai Zykov Theatre are wordless, can be presented on stages of any size, have minimum time for set up, have only 1 to 3 members of personnel and have no additional expenses for luggage.

Nikolai Zykov is an artist of the world stage, who has delighted spectators in more than 50 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, has created more than 200 unique puppets, glove, rod and experimental puppets. Nikolai is the author, director, artist and performer of more than 30 puppet shows with many international awards for innovative creativity and outstanding performance, including awards of the UNIMA World Puppeteers Congresses.


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